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Valentino Rossi girlfriend Linda Morselli

Among Moto GP riders of his generation, he is the most successful one. He won nine Grand Prix World Championships (seven of them in premier class). Valentino earns around £20m a year, so no wonder any girl would like to be his mate. The list of Valentino Rossi’s girfriends is full of adorable chicks, so as far as we are concerned, he has done pretty well for himself. We’ll try to make retrospection of all of his relationships, all the way up to present.

Valentino Rossi girlfriend

Rossi’s girlfriends from 2005 to 2008

In the year 2005,Valentino Rossi girlfriend was gorgeous blonde Martina Stella, Italian television and film actress.  After this very short relationship, the very same year he started to date Maddalena Corvaglia. Adorable blonde again, with the title of Italian showgirl, who took part in competition Miss Italy in the age of seventeen.

But like the previous one, she wasn’t  Valentino Rossi girlfriend for very long time, because the next year he replaced her with Arianna Matteuzzi. Although lots of guys would like to have rascally brunette chick like this, often seen topless, in 2007, the very next year he found another girfriend.  Elisabetta Canalis, who is Italian actress and-is there a need to say- enchanting brunette again.

Valentino Rossi girlfriend new
Valentino Rossi girlfriend outside
Valentino Rossi girlfriend together

Rossi’s fir friends from 2008 to 2010

Continuing previous tradition of his short relationships, he replaced this lovely Elisabetta Canalis with new mate. Following his “brunette phase” again, his time Valentino Rossi girlfriend was Mandala Tayde, an award-winning German actress, and also a model who works in Italy and Germany. This It’s cute to add that she is four years older than him. This relationship could even be addressed as long, because they dated from 2008 up to 2010. And up to this part, as you can see, all the Valentino Rossi girlfriend were quite a trophy, and the relationships were short and funny, no strings attached.

The relationship with Marwa and after

What comes in the year of 2010 is definitely, up to now, the longest and the most complex relationship he had. This time Valentino Rossi girlfriend was Marwa Klebi, a Tunisian origin girl. At that time, when they started going out, she was 25-year old girl, just graduated from college as an orthodontist. What the gossips say is that she and Valentino met while she was working as a waitress in a bar in Pesaro, trying to pay her school fees. They have started to date ever since. At some time there were rumors that she was pregnant, that Rossi is to become dad, but in the end it was nothing, and they broke up after almost 3 years of dating. The last one among Valentino Rossi girlfriend is 23 year old Linda Morselli, grid girl and the finalist of contest Miss Italy in 2006. ,at her 17.

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