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Who is Sebastian Vettel girlfriend?

Today we are talking about Hanna Prater, a beautiful girl of Sebastian Vettel is nearly a unknown face because she is never on the races and she never takes a part of his victory or something in that way. Sebastian Vettel girlfriend doesn’t like to share their relationship with a lot of public because she is a girl with the old life understanding norms.


Sebastian Vettel girlfriend


Time for love is just coming for them!

If you hasn’t know a lot of details of Sebastian Vettel you are on the right spot and you will soon know something more about his biography, personal life, also Sebastian Vettel girlfriend, family and pictures that are famous all around the world.


Sebastian Vettel is a Formula 1 car racer and he has won three times Formula 1 Championship but he is still on the ground and not thinking too much about his career and about the life when he has free time. Sebastian Vettel girlfriend is not like other girls, when you compare her with the other girls of the other racers you can freely say that she is really normal, you don’t have her face in every magazine and you don’t have her story all around the world buying some voices for Sebastian Vettel.


Girlfriend Sebastian Vettel              Girlfriend of Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel girlfriend story!

When you grow up you must learn how to behave, people think that the whole idea of her not coming on the races of Sebastian means that there is some problem with them, Sebastian Vettel girlfriend doesn’t like to mix their professional and private lives and that is why Sebastian never goes for example on her college, where she studies design, and listen to her while she is making some project. Hanna Prater is half German and half British, because of her mother who comes from Britain. People usually don’t know the details of their five years long relationship, but it is the right time for some details to come out of the shadow.



New information about famous couple!

Sebastian Vettel girlfriend meet Sebastian still in high school and the love is lasting from that day, something less or more than five years. Sebastian is proud on her decision to not be the part of the racers world on the race and in the mess and because he says that it will be really hard from him to think where she is all the time. You can say that it sounds selfish but the reality is that it is a quite a mess out there and you have to be concentrated on the race you will do in a few minutes. Sebastian Vettel girlfriend is really special but doesn’t draw too much unwanted attention, how cool is that?

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