Paul di Resta girlfriend – his constant support

When you’re a famous racer it’s quite common that you will be traveling a lot instead of spending some time with the people that you love and admire.

Paul di Resta girlfriend


Because of that it’s really hard to find someone who will support you in your decision to prusue your career and become better every day. Luckily, Paul di Resta doesn’t have to deal with that sort of problem because Paul di Resta girlfriend will stand by him every step of the way!



About his career

Paul di Resta is a professional racer that is currently competing in the well known and popular Formula One racing championship. This professional British racer is a member of the Sahara Force India Formula One team, better known by the name Force India. Along with the support of Paul di Resta girlfriend Laura Jordan Paul and Force India in general achieved a huge amount of success and might even become even more popular by competing in future championships.

  Paul di Resta girlfriend outside     Paul di Resta girlfriend Laura


Their life together

Paul di Resta girlfriend and Paul currently live in Monte Carlo and they are enjoying every minute of it! Not only do Paul di Resta girlfriend and Paul have a fantastic and thrilling life together but they are both employed and very successful in what they do.Even though there were some instances where they had t obe apart from one and other for a little longer time period they stayed in touch, whether it’s through the internet or in any other way.



Are they happy?

You could say that Paul di Resta girlfriend and Paul live a very happy life. By the looks of it it’s safe to say that they both enjoy each others company a lot and don’t plan on separating any time soon. It’s really great to see such couples loving each other that much – gives couples that are just like them a lot of hope!

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