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News on Japanese Grand Prix 2013

Event Details

Start: 13 October 2013
Venue: Suzuka Circuit

One of the most traditional races in the calendar of Formula One World Championship is definitely Japanese Grand Prix. For many years alterning between Fuji and Suzuka, in the last 25 years mainly Suzuka Circuit became the place of many decisive races. For a long period of time Japanese Grand Prix was selected as the last race or at least one of the last races of the season and therefor we’ve seen many spectacular races where drivers became F1 legends by winning the F1 World Champions.

Japanese Grand Prix will be memorized by many F1 fans by the first corner collision between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna on 1990 race, which was the decisive one (the last on the calendar). Both ended the race already in the first corner and Ayrton Senna won the championship. The collision was announced prior the start, as Ayrton Senna was clearly unhappy that although he won the pole position, he started the race on the dirtier side of the track. Therefor he decided not to let anyone past him in the first corner and he kept his promise. The last four races were dominated mostly by Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who won 3 races, only allowing Jenson Button of McLaren to win the 2011 Japanese Grand Prix race.

Last Race (2012):

Winner: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)
2nd Place: Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
3rd Place: Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber)
Fastest Lap: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) – 1:35:774


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