New F1 grand prix 2014 calendar for all F1 fans


 65thseason is about to begin with its opening race in Albert Park – Australia. Highly anticipated season with new sets of rules kicks of 16th of March with the sound of new V6 turbo engines.

Take a look at F1 grand prix 2014 calendar that is returning to Austria and with new race in Olympic Sochi. 


Here you can find F1 grand prix 2014 calendar with  races, circuits and more!

 March 2014

Australia Grand Prix 2014

Australian GP – Albert Park


Traditionally first race of the season situated in Albert Park.

Malaysian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Malaysian GPSepang international Circuit


One of the toughest racein F1, with high temperatures and humidity.


 April 2014


Bahrain GP – Bahrain international circuit


Unstable political situation has taken its toll on the race in the desert of Bahrain.

Chinese Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Chinese GPShanghai international circuit


Important race for the industry due to enormous Chinese market.


May 2014

Spanish Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Spanish GP – Circuit de Barcelona – Cataluña


First European race of the F1 grand prix 2014 calendar.

Monaco Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Monaco GP – Circuit de Monaco


The most famous and celebrated race of f1 season.


 June 2014

Canadian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Canadian GP – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


Race taking place on a circuit named after notorious Canadian racer from the seventies.


Austria GP – Red Bull Ring


After 11 years Austrian F1 grand prix is back to host the octane circus.


 July 2014

British Grand Prix - Click for more info!

British GP – Silverston


One of the oldest races in the F1 grand prix 2014 calendar.


German GP – Hockenheimring


Alternating Grand prix of Germany is this year hosted by Hockenheimring.

Hungarian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Hungarian GP – Hungaroring


Usually one of the hottest races of F1 season, located in rural Hungary.

 August 2014

Belgian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Belgian GP – Circuit de Spa Francorchamps


Probably the most popular race with its long tradition and fast curves.


 September 2014

Italian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Italian GP – Autodromo di Monza


The fastest race of the f1 season with its famous curve Parabolica.

 Singapore Grand Prix - Click for more info!Singapore GP – Marina Bay Street Circuit


Spectacular night race.



October 2014

Japanese Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Japanese GP  – Suzuka Circuit


Race in front of one of the most loyal crowd of F1 fans.


Russian GP – Sochi International Street Circuit


New race in F1 grand prix 2014 calendar.


November 2014

United States Grand Prix - Click for more info!

United States GP Circuit of the Americas


Race intended to promote sport in USA.

Brazilian Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Brazilian GP – Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace


Traditionally last race of the season, but not in F1 grand prix 2014 calendar.

 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Click for more info!

Abu Dhabi GP – Yas Marina Circuit


19th and the last race of F1 season in 2014.


New rules in F1 grand prix 2014 calendar

It seems as if F1 is starting fresh. Complete makeover of f1 race cars will make F1 grand prix 2014 calendar unpredictable and one most interesting starts of the F1 season in the last years.

The biggest news of the F1 grand prix 2014 calendar are new 1,6 litre V6 engines with turbochargers that are limited at 15,000 RPM. Team will be limited with engines that will have to last for at least 2000 km this season and 4000 km next one.

Also a big change in safety ruled obliged constructors to a whole new aerodynamic packet. With lowered noses and narrower wings.

Cars will be heavier with minimum weight of 690 kg and only 100 l of fuel per race. So there will be a lot of radio talk “save your fuel” in F1 grand prix 2014 calendar.

No more down force will be provided with the exhaust fumes and KERS will be replaced by ERS (energy recovery system) which is even more economical and provides more power for longer time for the races.

Another change, more in favour of the viewers and fans are new numbers set on race cars in F1 grand prix 2014 calendar. Racers were able to choose numbers from 2-99, and those will be there number for the whole season. To see the drivers, their numbers and teams click here.


Formula One – Chinese Grand Prix 2014

Event Details for Chinese Grand Prix 2014

Date: 18th – 20th April 2014

Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

Laps: 56

Lap Length: 5.451 km

Race Length: 305.066 km

Pole positinon in Chinese GP 2013: Lewis Hamilton

Winner of Chinese GP 2013: Fernando Alonso

 Chinese Grand Prix 2014
Formula one circuit in Shanghai, which will host Chinese Grand Prix 2014, was designed by Hermann Tilke in Peter Wahl for new millennium. Designee of the track was inspired by Chinese character “shang”. Track is well known for its high speed straights and quick braking that are challenging for drivers. F1 cars can easily go over 300 km/h in straight between corner 13 and 14.
They started to build Shanghai International Circuit in 2003 and in 18 months transformed swamp terrain into circuit that will host Chinese Grand Prix 2014. Shanghai International Circuit is also one of the most expensive tracks in the world; cost of 450 million dollars was join governmental and privet investment.

First Chinese Grand Prix was held in September 2004, won by Rubens Barrichello, so this year´s Chinese Grand Prix 2014 will be 10th F1 race in China.
Season 2005 Chinese Grand Prix was the last race of the season and crowned Fernando Alonso as new world champion. And next year Michael Schumacher won his last Grand Prix in Formula One. The most successful drivers are Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso with two wins each. Ferrari with four wins is the most successful team. Will they improve their score in Chinese Grand Prix 2014?

Fernando Alonso – Ferrari won Chinese Grand Prix 2013 in front of Kimi Räikkönen in Lotus – Renault and Lewis Hamilton. It was a tactically demanding race with a lot of pit stops.


Nex race Spanish Grand Prix 2014

The desert race Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

 Event Details for Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

Date: 4th -6th April 2014

Venue: Bahrain International Circuit

Laps: 57

Lap Length: 5.412 km

Race Length: 308.238 km

Pole positinon in Bahrain GP 2014: Nico Rosberg

Winner of Bahrain GP 2014: Lewis Hamilton

Winner of Bahrain GP 2013: Sebastian Vettel


Windy qualifications in desert Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 were marked with Mercedes´s superior form at the beginning of the F1 season 2014. Nico Rosberg won in front of Lewis Hamilton and Ricciardo, who had a penalty of 10 start positions, so Bottas took his place.

First night race Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 as a celebration of 10 years of Formula One on this desert island offered probably most interesting race in F1 2014 calendar. After qualifications the question was, which of the Mercedes drivers will win. Good start for both Marcedes drivers at Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 marked the whole race, especially when Lewis Hamilton overpassed Nico Rosberg in first corners of the race. A very good start also for the Williams team. What started as a boring race with Mercedes gaining a gap in front of other races changed in laps 18-19 when Mercedes´s drivers went hard at each other, it ended with Lewis Hamilton stop in boxes.

Middle of the race was marked with the pit stops and battles for places in between 4-10. In 40th lap came the shock when Maldonado crashed into Gutierrez, who made a spectacular flip in the air but came out of the car uninjured. The crash caused safety car to come onto the track. Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 really started in lap 47 when safety car went down and all of the sudden the best teams had their drivers fighting for positions between each other.

Even after Mercedes´s Paddy Lowe gave the drivers gentle reminder, they went quite aggressive at each other, but toward the end Hamilton gained steady second in front Rosberg. Who knows maybe another reminder came, which we didn’t hear.

Hamilton won Grand Prix 2014 in front of Rosberg and S. Perez in Force India and that was the happiest team in Bahrain with Hulkenberg on 5th place. Red Bull is probably not happy with 4th and 6th. Williams is showing consistency with 7th and 8th, Ferrari is mediocre on 9th and 10th. But complete disaster for Mclaren with both cars dropping out of Bahrain Grand Prix 2014. This was 250th race for Jenson Button, which makes him one of the few drivers with 250 or more races in F1.


Nex race Chinese Grand Prix 2014


Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 hosted by Bahrain International Circuit that consists of 6 separate circuits. It was designed by Herman Tike, who also designed circuits in Sepang, Shanghai, Istanbul and Valencia. F1 circuit, which will host Bahrain Grand Prix 2014, has 23 corners, 13 rights and 10 lefts. It has 4 straight, the longest is 1,09km long. The big run-off zones make Bahrain International Circuit one of the safest in F1 calendar. The location of the track in the middle of the desert makes it very slippery due to all the sand blown on to the tracks. They solved this by applying special sticky substance to the sand surrounding Bahrain International Circuit. They started with the project in 2002, fighting for the F1 race with big competitors in the oil rich area. The cost of the circuit was 150 million dollars and it became the centre of the sport in Persian Gulf.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 will be 10 years anniversary of the first F1 race in Bahrain. The first race held in 2004 was the first race of F1 in the Middle East. The first winner was Michael Schumacher with Ferrari. The most successful winner, who will also race in Bahrain Grand Prix 2014, is Fernando Alonso with three wins so far. The desert race had its most difficult time in 2011 when the race was cancelled due to unstable situation in Bahrain.  There were also a lot of controversies with the race next year. F1 was under a lot of pressure by Bahrain’s Human right activists to cancel the race. There was huge international coverage of the F1 races in 2011 and 2012 in Bahrain. 

Sebastian Vettel won Bahrain Grand Prix 2013 ahead of Lotus-Renault Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean.  The biggest battle was held between McLaren’s racers Button and Perez, who both complained about the comportment of the other driver. The qualification winner Rosberg was quickly falling behind and finished barely in the points.

This year’s Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 will be held under the reflectors, which makes it the second night race in F1 calendar.




Teams and F1 drivers 2014

In F1 season 2014 is not only interesting because of new technical rules, but also because of new set of F1 drivers 2014. There have been a lot of transfers, mostly caused by retirement of Mark Weber from Red Bull and transfer of Kimi Raikkonen back to Ferrari. The other novelty for F1 drivers 2014 are selected numbers that will be placed on their cars for whole of the season.

Red Bull Racing f1

Red Bull Racing f1

Team: Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Drivers with their numbers:

Sebastian Vettel – 1
Daniel Ricciardo – 3

Four time world champion Sebastian Vettel is teamed with young Australian racer Daniel Ricciardo who has been racing in F1 as Red Bull testing driver and in the last seasons in Scuderia Toro Rosso. Hoping this German – Australian combination of F1 drivers 2014 will be more peaceful.

Team: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Lewis Hamilton – 44
Nico Rosberg – 6

His second season in Mercedes Lewis Hamilton in left with his old partner. The two drivers are not best friends and fears competitors on the track. Mercedes seems strong at the beginning of the season; now let’s just see what these two F1 drivers 2014 prepared for the fans.

Team: Scuderia Ferrari

Drivers with their numbers:

Fernando Alonso – 14
Kimi Raikkonen – 7

Ferrari formula 1

Ferrari formula 1

Team with two world champions in their cars. Combination that is considered interesting, to say the least.  F1 drivers 2014 are both very experienced with their fair share of scandals and moodiness in their racing history.

Team: Lotus F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Romain Grosjean – 8  
Pastor Maldonado – 13

Lotus team wah quite exposed last season, due to good results, bad financial status and dissatisfaction from Raikkonen. Romain Grosjean also known as bad boy of F1 accidents will be joined by Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado who was not pleased with his situation in Williams last year.

Team: McLaren Mercedes

Drivers with their numbers:

Jenson Button – 22
Kevin Magnussen – 20

The gentleman between F1 drivers 2014 has a new partner driver. Young Danish driver Kevin Magnussen will make his F1 debut in one of the most praised F1 teams. It has been a rough year for McLaren.

Team: Sahara Force India F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Nico Hulkenberg – 27  
Sergio Perez  – 11

German Nico Hulkenberg and Mexican Sergio Perez is a new pair of F1 drivers 2014 in Force India. Perez wasn’t successful in impressing his former employer with his style of driving.

Team: Sauber F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Adrian Sutil – 99
Esteban Gutierrez – 21

Swiss team has hired two semi experienced F1 drivers 2014. Sutil has transferred from Force India while Gutierrez is on – off driver of Sauber team.

Team: Scuderia Toro Rosso

Drivers with their numbers:

Jean-Eric Vergne – 25
Daniil Kvyat – 26

Sister team of Red Bull is known for raising young drivers. It will be fourth F1 season for Vergne and first for young Russian Kvyat.

Team: Williams Martini Racing

Drivers with their numbers:


19 Felipe Massa – 19
77 Valtteri Bottas – 77

One of the most known and the only private team left – Williams is hoping to change their luck with mixture of experienced and young F1 drivers 2014. Mass was struggling with his comeback after the severe head injury and is hoping to step out from the shadow of his former partners in Ferrari.

Team: Marussia F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Jules Bianchi – 17
Max Chilton – 4

Russian team will pair up French Bianchi and British Chilton.

Team: Caterham F1 Team

Drivers with their numbers:

Marcus Ericsson – 9
Kamui Kobayashi – 10

The least successful team is giving it one more go in season 2014. For F1 drivers 2014 they have chosen Japanese kamikaze Kamui Kobayashi and Swedish driver Ericsson.



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